logo This build log was produced by for dgroup/lazylead#293
+ set -e
+ set -o pipefail
++ dirname ./
+ cd .
+ echo 27985
+ echo '1.69.1 839260fab'
1.69.1 839260fab
+ date
Tue Jan 12 21:41:41 CET 2021
+ uptime
 21:41:41 up 107 days,  6:47,  0 users,  load average: 0.15, 0.05, 0.06
+ ff=default
+ image=ruby:2.6.5
+ rebase=false
+ head_branch=master
+ pull_title='Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'
+ author=dgroup
+ directory=
+ pull_id=293
+ fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3
+ squash=false
+ vars=('' '--env=pull_id=293' '' '--env=fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3' '--env=head_branch=master' '--env=pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3' '--env=author=dgroup' '--env=scripts=( '\''export '\''\'\'''\'''\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''pull_id=293'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\'''\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''head_branch=master'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''author=dgroup'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export GEM_HOME=~/.ruby'\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export GEM_PATH=$GEM_HOME:$GEM_PATH'\'' '\'';'\'' '\''bundle install'\'' '\'';'\'' '\''bundle exec rake test rubocop sqlint xcop'\'' '\'';'\'' )')
+ scripts=('export '\'''\''' ';' 'export '\''pull_id=293'\''' ';' 'export '\'''\''' ';' 'export '\''fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3'\''' ';' 'export '\''head_branch=master'\''' ';' 'export '\''pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'\''' ';' 'export '\''author=dgroup'\''' ';' 'export GEM_HOME=~/.ruby' ';' 'export GEM_PATH=$GEM_HOME:$GEM_PATH' ';' 'bundle install' ';' 'bundle exec rake test rubocop sqlint xcop' ';')
+ container=dgroup_lazylead_293
+ as_root=false
+ mkdir -p /home/rultor/.ssh
+ echo -e 'Host\n\tStrictHostKeyChecking no\n'
+ chmod 600 /home/rultor/.ssh/config
+ git clone repo
Cloning into 'repo'...
+ cd repo
+ git config
+ git config rultor
+ '[' -z 'export '\'''\''' ']'
+ cd ..
+ cat
+ '[' false = true ']'
+ cat
+ chmod a+x
+ cat
+ echo 'export '\'''\''' ';' 'export '\''pull_id=293'\''' ';' 'export '\'''\''' ';' 'export '\''fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3'\''' ';' 'export '\''head_branch=master'\''' ';' 'export '\''pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'\''' ';' 'export '\''author=dgroup'\''' ';' 'export GEM_HOME=~/.ruby' ';' 'export GEM_PATH=$GEM_HOME:$GEM_PATH' ';' 'bundle install' ';' 'bundle exec rake test rubocop sqlint xcop' ';'
+ sensitive=()
+ rm -rf .gpg
+ cd repo
+ git remote add fork
+ git remote update
Fetching origin
Fetching fork
 * [new branch]      dependabot/bundler/jira-ruby-eq-2.1.4 -> fork/dependabot/bundler/jira-ruby-eq-2.1.4
 * [new branch]      dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3 -> fork/dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3
 * [new branch]      dependabot/bundler/rubocop-performance-eq-1.9.2 -> fork/dependabot/bundler/rubocop-performance-eq-1.9.2
 * [new branch]      dependabot/bundler/rubocop-rspec-eq-2.1.0 -> fork/dependabot/bundler/rubocop-rspec-eq-2.1.0
 * [new branch]      master     -> fork/master
+ args=
+ '[' default == default ']'
+ args=' --ff'
+ '[' default == no ']'
+ '[' default == only ']'
+ export BRANCH=__rultor
+ BRANCH=__rultor
++ git show-branch __rultor
++ wc -l
+ '[' 0 -gt 0 ']'
+ git checkout -B __rultor fork/dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3
Switched to a new branch '__rultor'
Branch __rultor set up to track remote branch dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3 from fork.
+ git checkout -B master origin/master
Switched to and reset branch 'master'
Branch master set up to track remote branch master from origin.
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
+ '[' false == true ']'
+ '[' false == true ']'
+ git merge --ff __rultor
Auto-merging lazylead.gemspec
Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy.
 lazylead.gemspec | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
+ docker_when_possible
+ true
++ uptime
++ sed 's/ /\n/g'
++ tail -n 1
+ load=0.06
++ echo 0.06 '>' 30
++ bc
+ '[' 0 -eq 1 ']'
+ echo 'load average is 0.06, low enough to run a new Docker container'
load average is 0.06, low enough to run a new Docker container
+ break
+ cd ..
+ '[' -n '' ']'
+ use_image=ruby:2.6.5
+ docker pull ruby:2.6.5
2.6.5: Pulling from library/ruby
f15005b0235f: Pulling fs layer
41ebfd3d2fd0: Pulling fs layer
b998346ba308: Pulling fs layer
f01ec562c947: Pulling fs layer
2447a2c11907: Pulling fs layer
1915e6344d7f: Pulling fs layer
6ea7f301ab45: Pulling fs layer
0c79fcaf0109: Pulling fs layer
1915e6344d7f: Waiting
2447a2c11907: Waiting
0c79fcaf0109: Waiting
f01ec562c947: Waiting
41ebfd3d2fd0: Verifying Checksum
41ebfd3d2fd0: Download complete
b998346ba308: Verifying Checksum
b998346ba308: Download complete
f15005b0235f: Verifying Checksum
f15005b0235f: Download complete
1915e6344d7f: Download complete
f15005b0235f: Pull complete
41ebfd3d2fd0: Pull complete
b998346ba308: Pull complete
f01ec562c947: Verifying Checksum
f01ec562c947: Download complete
0c79fcaf0109: Verifying Checksum
0c79fcaf0109: Download complete
6ea7f301ab45: Verifying Checksum
6ea7f301ab45: Download complete
f01ec562c947: Pull complete
2447a2c11907: Verifying Checksum
2447a2c11907: Download complete
2447a2c11907: Pull complete
1915e6344d7f: Pull complete
6ea7f301ab45: Pull complete
0c79fcaf0109: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:651078e89471c30567685dce4caa321adf1f846b353e05c327b55d76a84acc50
Status: Downloaded newer image for ruby:2.6.5
+ docker ps --filter=status=exited
+ grep --quiet '\sdgroup_lazylead_293\s*$'
+ ls -al .
total 720
drwx--x--x  3 rultor rultor   4096 Jan 12 21:41 .
drwxrwxrwt 10 root   root   684032 Jan 12 21:41 ..
-rw-rw-r--  1 rultor rultor     55 Jan 12 21:41 circleci.header
-rw-rw-r--  1 rultor rultor    444 Jan 12 21:41
-rwxrwxr-x  1 rultor rultor    363 Jan 12 21:41
-rw-rw-r--  1 rultor rultor      6 Jan 12 21:41 pid
drwxrwxr-x 11 rultor rultor   4096 Jan 12 21:41 repo
-rw-rw-r--  1 rultor rultor     52 Jan 12 21:41 rubygems.yml
-rwxrwxr-x  1 rultor rultor   5884 Jan 12 21:41
-rw-rw-r--  1 rultor rultor    555 Jan 12 21:41
-rw-rw-r--  1 rultor rultor   6269 Jan 12 21:42 stdout
++ pwd
++ pwd
+ docker run -t --rm -v /tmp/rultor-ARuH:/main --env=pull_id=293 --env=fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3 --env=head_branch=master '--env=pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3' --env=author=dgroup '--env=scripts=( '\''export '\''\'\'''\'''\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''pull_id=293'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\'''\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''head_branch=master'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export '\''\'\'''\''author=dgroup'\''\'\'''\'''\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export GEM_HOME=~/.ruby'\'' '\'';'\'' '\''export GEM_PATH=$GEM_HOME:$GEM_PATH'\'' '\'';'\'' '\''bundle install'\'' '\'';'\'' '\''bundle exec rake test rubocop sqlint xcop'\'' '\'';'\'' )' --hostname=docker --privileged --memory=6g --memory-swap=16g --oom-kill-disable --cidfile=/tmp/rultor-ARuH/cid -w=/main -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --name=dgroup_lazylead_293 ruby:2.6.5 /main/
+ set -e
+ set -o pipefail
+ shopt -s dotglob
+ useradd -m -G sudo r
+ usermod -s /bin/bash r
+ echo '%sudo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL'
+ cp -R /root/.bashrc /root/.profile /root/.subversion /home/r
+ cp -R ./cid ./circleci.header ./ ./ ./pid ./repo ./rubygems.yml ./ ./ ./stdout /home/r
+ rm -rf repo
+ chown -R r:r /home/r
+ chmod a+x /home/r/
+ su --login r --command /home/r/
mesg: cannot open /dev/pts/0: Permission denied
+ set -e
+ set -o pipefail
+ shopt -s expand_aliases
+ alias 'sudo=sudo -i'
+ export HOME=/home/r
+ HOME=/home/r
+ cd /home/r/repo
+ export
+ export pull_id=293
+ pull_id=293
+ export
+ export fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3
+ fork_branch=dependabot/bundler/rake-eq-13.0.3
+ export head_branch=master
+ head_branch=master
+ export 'pull_title=Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'
+ pull_title='Update rake requirement from = 12.3.3 to = 13.0.3'
+ export author=dgroup
+ author=dgroup
+ export GEM_HOME=/home/r/.ruby
+ GEM_HOME=/home/r/.ruby
+ export GEM_PATH=/home/r/.ruby:
+ GEM_PATH=/home/r/.ruby:
+ bundle install
Fetching gem metadata from
Fetching gem metadata from
Resolving dependencies...
32mFetching rake 13.0.30m
32mInstalling rake 13.0.30m
32mFetching concurrent-ruby 1.1.70m
32mInstalling concurrent-ruby 1.1.70m
32mFetching i18n 1.8.70m
32mInstalling i18n 1.8.70m
32mFetching minitest 5.14.30m
32mInstalling minitest 5.14.30m
32mFetching tzinfo 2.0.40m
32mInstalling tzinfo 2.0.40m
32mFetching zeitwerk 2.4.20m
32mInstalling zeitwerk 2.4.20m
32mFetching activesupport 6.1.10m
32mInstalling activesupport 6.1.10m
32mFetching builder 3.2.40m
32mInstalling builder 3.2.40m
32mFetching erubi 1.10.00m
32mInstalling erubi 1.10.00m
32mFetching mini_portile2 2.5.00m
32mInstalling mini_portile2 2.5.00m
32mFetching racc 1.5.20m
32mInstalling racc 1.5.2 with native extensions0m
32mFetching nokogiri 1.11.1 (x86_64-linux)0m
32mInstalling nokogiri 1.11.1 (x86_64-linux)0m
32mFetching rails-dom-testing 2.0.30m
32mInstalling rails-dom-testing 2.0.30m
32mFetching crass 1.0.60m
32mInstalling crass 1.0.60m
32mFetching loofah 2.8.00m
32mInstalling loofah 2.8.00m
32mFetching rails-html-sanitizer 1.3.00m
32mInstalling rails-html-sanitizer 1.3.00m
32mFetching actionview 6.1.10m
32mInstalling actionview 6.1.10m
32mFetching rack 2.2.30m
32mInstalling rack 2.2.30m
32mFetching rack-test 1.1.00m
32mInstalling rack-test 1.1.00m
32mFetching actionpack 6.1.10m
32mInstalling actionpack 6.1.10m
32mFetching activemodel 6.1.10m
32mInstalling activemodel 6.1.10m
32mFetching activerecord 6.1.10m
32mInstalling activerecord 6.1.10m
32mFetching ansi 1.5.00m
32mInstalling ansi 1.5.00m
32mFetching ast 2.4.10m
32mInstalling ast 2.4.10m
32mFetching jwt 2.1.00m
32mInstalling jwt 2.1.00m
32mFetching atlassian-jwt 0.2.00m
32mInstalling atlassian-jwt 0.2.00m
32mFetching backtrace 0.3.00m
32mInstalling backtrace 0.3.00m
Using bundler 1.17.2
32mFetching docile 1.3.40m
32mInstalling docile 1.3.40m
32mFetching simplecov-html 0.12.30m
32mInstalling simplecov-html 0.12.30m
32mFetching simplecov_json_formatter 0.1.20m
32mInstalling simplecov_json_formatter 0.1.20m
32mFetching simplecov 0.20.00m
32mInstalling simplecov 0.20.00m
32mFetching codecov 0.2.150m
32mInstalling codecov 0.2.150m
32mFetching coderay 1.1.30m
32mInstalling coderay 1.1.30m
32mFetching colorize 0.8.10m
32mInstalling colorize 0.8.10m
32mFetching differ 0.1.20m
32mInstalling differ 0.1.20m
32mFetching et-orbi 1.2.40m
32mInstalling et-orbi 1.2.40m
32mFetching faraday-net_http 1.0.10m
32mInstalling faraday-net_http 1.0.10m
32mFetching multipart-post 2.1.10m
32mInstalling multipart-post 2.1.10m
32mFetching ruby2_keywords 0.0.20m
32mInstalling ruby2_keywords 0.0.20m
32mFetching faraday 1.3.00m
32mInstalling faraday 1.3.00m
32mFetching ffi 1.14.20m
32mInstalling ffi 1.14.2 with native extensions0m
32mFetching fileutils 1.4.10m
32mInstalling fileutils 1.4.10m
32mFetching formatador 0.2.50m
32mInstalling formatador 0.2.50m
32mFetching raabro 1.4.00m
32mInstalling raabro 1.4.00m
32mFetching fugit 1.4.20m
32mInstalling fugit 1.4.20m
32mFetching get_process_mem 0.2.70m
32mInstalling get_process_mem 0.2.70m
32mFetching rb-fsevent 0.10.40m
32mInstalling rb-fsevent 0.10.40m
32mFetching rb-inotify 0.10.10m
32mInstalling rb-inotify 0.10.10m
32mFetching listen 3.4.00m
32mInstalling listen 3.4.00m
32mFetching lumberjack 1.2.80m
32mInstalling lumberjack 1.2.80m
32mFetching nenv 0.3.00m
32mInstalling nenv 0.3.00m
32mFetching shellany 0.0.10m
32mInstalling shellany 0.0.10m
32mFetching notiffany 0.1.30m
32mInstalling notiffany 0.1.30m
32mFetching method_source 1.0.00m
32mInstalling method_source 1.0.00m
32mFetching pry 0.13.10m
32mInstalling pry 0.13.10m
32mFetching thor 1.0.10m
32mInstalling thor 1.0.10m
32mFetching guard 2.15.00m
32mInstalling guard 2.15.00m
32mFetching guard-compat 1.2.10m
32mInstalling guard-compat 1.2.10m
32mFetching guard-minitest 2.4.60m
32mInstalling guard-minitest 2.4.60m
32mFetching httpclient 2.8.30m
32mInstalling httpclient 2.8.30m
32mFetching inifile 3.0.00m
32mInstalling inifile 3.0.00m
Using ipaddr 1.2.2
32mFetching oauth 0.5.40m
32mInstalling oauth 0.5.40m
32mFetching jira-ruby 1.7.10m
32mInstalling jira-ruby 1.7.10m
32mFetching json 2.5.10m
32mInstalling json 2.5.1 with native extensions0m
32mFetching little-plugger 1.1.40m
32mInstalling little-plugger 1.1.40m
32mFetching multi_json 1.15.00m
32mInstalling multi_json 1.15.00m
32mFetching logging 2.3.00m
32mInstalling logging 2.3.00m
32mFetching mini_mime 1.0.20m
32mInstalling mini_mime 1.0.20m
32mFetching mail 2.7.10m
32mInstalling mail 2.7.10m
32mFetching memory_profiler 0.9.130m
32mInstalling memory_profiler 0.9.130m
Using openssl 2.1.2
32mFetching railties 6.1.10m
32mInstalling railties 6.1.10m
32mFetching require_all 3.0.00m
32mInstalling require_all 3.0.00m
32mFetching rufus-scheduler 3.6.00m
32mInstalling rufus-scheduler 3.6.00m
32mFetching slop 4.4.00m
32mInstalling slop 4.4.00m
32mFetching sqlite3 1.4.20m
32mInstalling sqlite3 1.4.2 with native extensions0m
32mFetching tempfile 0.1.00m
32mInstalling tempfile 0.1.00m
32mFetching tilt 2.0.100m
32mInstalling tilt 2.0.100m
32mFetching tzinfo-data 1.2020.60m
32mInstalling tzinfo-data 1.2020.60m
32mFetching vcs4sql 0.1.10m
32mInstalling vcs4sql 0.1.10m
32mFetching rubyntlm 0.6.20m
32mInstalling rubyntlm 0.6.20m
32mFetching viewpoint 1.1.00m
32mInstalling viewpoint 1.1.00m
Using lazylead 0.0.0 from source at `.`
32mFetching minitest-fail-fast 0.1.00m
32mInstalling minitest-fail-fast 0.1.00m
32mFetching minitest-hooks 1.5.00m
32mInstalling minitest-hooks 1.5.00m
32mFetching ruby-progressbar 1.11.00m
32mInstalling ruby-progressbar 1.11.00m
32mFetching minitest-reporters 1.3.60m
32mInstalling minitest-reporters 1.3.60m
32mFetching net-ping 2.0.80m
32mInstalling net-ping 2.0.80m
32mFetching parallel 1.20.10m
32mInstalling parallel 1.20.10m
32mFetching parser
32mInstalling parser
32mFetching pg_query 1.3.00m
32mInstalling pg_query 1.3.0 with native extensions0m
32mFetching rainbow 3.0.00m
32mInstalling rainbow 3.0.00m
32mFetching random-port 0.3.10m
32mInstalling random-port 0.3.10m
32mFetching rdoc 6.3.00m
32mInstalling rdoc 6.3.00m
32mFetching regexp_parser 2.0.30m
32mInstalling regexp_parser 2.0.30m
32mFetching rexml 3.2.40m
32mInstalling rexml 3.2.40m
32mFetching rubocop-ast 1.4.00m
32mInstalling rubocop-ast 1.4.00m
32mFetching unicode-display_width 2.0.00m
32mInstalling unicode-display_width 2.0.00m
32mFetching rubocop 1.8.10m
32mInstalling rubocop 1.8.10m
32mFetching rubocop-minitest 0.5.10m
32mInstalling rubocop-minitest 0.5.10m
32mFetching rubocop-performance 1.5.20m
32mInstalling rubocop-performance 1.5.20m
32mFetching rubocop-rake 0.5.10m
32mInstalling rubocop-rake 0.5.10m
32mFetching rubocop-rspec 1.33.00m
32mInstalling rubocop-rspec 1.33.00m
32mFetching sqlint 0.1.100m
32mInstalling sqlint 0.1.100m
32mFetching xcop 0.6.20m
32mInstalling xcop 0.6.20m
32mBundle complete! 20 Gemfile dependencies, 107 gems now installed.0m
32mUse `bundle info [gemname]` to see where a bundled gem is installed.0m
32mPost-install message from i18n:0m

HEADS UP! i18n 1.1 changed fallbacks to exclude default locale.
But that may break your application.

If you are upgrading your Rails application from an older version of Rails:

Please check your Rails app for 'config.i18n.fallbacks = true'.
If you're using I18n (>= 1.1.0) and Rails (< 5.2.2), this should be
'config.i18n.fallbacks = [I18n.default_locale]'.
If not, fallbacks will be broken in your app by I18n 1.1.x.

If you are starting a NEW Rails application, you can ignore this notice.

For more info see:

32mPost-install message from vcs4sql:0m
Thanks for installing vcs4sql '0.1.1'!
  Stay in touch with the community in Telegram:
  Follow us on Twitter:
  If you have any issues, report to our GitHub repo:
+ bundle exec rake test rubocop sqlint xcop
/usr/local/bin/ruby -I"lib:test:lib" /home/r/.ruby/gems/rake-13.0.3/lib/rake/rake_test_loader.rb "test/lazylead/allocated_test.rb" "test/lazylead/cc_test.rb" "test/lazylead/cli/app_test.rb" "test/lazylead/confluence_test.rb" "test/lazylead/exchange_test.rb" "test/lazylead/model_test.rb" "test/lazylead/opts_test.rb" "test/lazylead/postman_test.rb" "test/lazylead/salt_test.rb" "test/lazylead/smoke_test.rb" "test/lazylead/smtp_test.rb" "test/lazylead/system/jira_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/accuracy_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/affected_build_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/attachment_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/environment_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/logs_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/onlyll_test.rb&quot; &quot;test/lazylead/task/accuracy/records_test.rb&quot; &quot;test/lazylead/task/accuracy/score_test.rb&quot; &quot;test/lazylead/task/accuracy/servers_test.rb&quot; &quot;test/lazylead/task/accuracy/stacktrace_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/testcase_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/accuracy/wiki_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/assignee_alert_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/assignment_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/confluence_ref_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/duedate_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/echo_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/fix_version_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/missing_comment_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/propagate_down_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/savepoint_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/svn/diff_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/svn/grep_test.rb" "test/lazylead/task/svn/touch_test.rb" "test/lazylead/version_test.rb&quot; &quot;test/sqlite_test.rb&quot;
Started with run options --seed 532

  test_issue_history_found                                       32m PASS0m (0.92s)
  test_group_by_assignee                                         32m PASS0m (0.91s)
  test_issue_history_not_found                                   32m PASS0m (0.80s)
  test_2nd_issue_history_item_is_correct                         32m PASS0m (0.90s)
  test_issue_reporter_fetched_successfully                       32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_found_issue_by_id                                         32m PASS0m (0.80s)
  test_issue_url_fetched_successfully                            32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_bulk_search_in_few_iterations                             32m PASS0m (4.13s)
  test_found_issue_by_jira_(ORM)                                 33m SKIP0m (0.00s)
  test_issue_has_1_field                                         32m PASS0m (0.80s)
  test_field_found                                               32m PASS0m (0.82s)
  test_make_an_jira_comment                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_issue_has_expected_status                                 32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_component_is_correct                                      32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_description_is_correct                                    32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_field_not_found                                           32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_labels_found                                              32m PASS0m (0.81s)

  test_convert_column_to_json                                    32m PASS0m (1.45s)
  test_env_properties_injected                                   32m PASS0m (1.04s)
  test_postman_initiated_through_orm                             32m PASS0m (1.31s)
  test_task_properties_are_parsed_despite_on_wrong_config        32m PASS0m (1.24s)
  test_second_ticketing_system_is_found                          32m PASS0m (1.17s)
  test_task_properties_are_using_ENV_variables                   32m PASS0m (1.35s)

  test_exception_is_found                                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_ORA_error_is_found                                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_java_error_is_found_in_code_section                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_stacktrace_is_found                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_proper_pair_detected                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_java_error_is_found_in_code_section_in_uppercase          32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_java_stacktrace_is_found                                  32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_java_stacktrace_is_found_in_uppercase                     32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_java_error_is_found_in_colored_code_section_in_uppercase  32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_pair_detected                                             32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_ORA_error_is_found_in_uppercase                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_email_with_attachment                                     33m SKIP0m (0.00s)

  test_changes_since_revision                                    33m SKIP0m (0.00s)
  test_changes_since_revision_with_attachment                    33m SKIP0m (0.00s)

  test_email_notification_to_outlook_exchange                    33m SKIP0m (0.00s)
  test_exchange_email_notification_using_decrypted_credentials   33m SKIP0m (0.00s)
  test_exchange_email_with_attachment                            33m SKIP0m (0.00s)

  test_alert_in_case_missing_comment                             32m PASS0m (1.48s)

  test_LL_database_structure_installed_successfully              32m PASS0m (0.64s)
  test_activesupport_is_activated_for_access_to_domain_entities  32m PASS0m (1.23s)
  test_scheduled_task_was_triggered_successfully                 32m PASS0m (1.61s)

  test_e2e_encryption/decryption_is_successful                   32m PASS0m (0.01s)
  test_decryption_is_successful                                  32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_cc_type_is_blank                                          32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_plain_cc_not_found_in_text                                32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_is_not_found_in_hash                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_plain_cc_detected_as_object                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_is_incorrect                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_plain_cc_detected_as_text                                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_default_ctor_evaluates_a_memory                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_pass_a_nil_(null)_value                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_bytes_transformed_to_string_have_labels_(B,_KB,_MB,_etc)  32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_issue_#154_undefined_method_to_hash_for_nil_object        32m PASS0m (1.12s)

  test_attachment_isn't_a_log_file                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_log_file_is_present                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_log_file_size_less_than_5KB                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_gz_log_file_is_present                                    32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_log_file_is_present_but_name_in_uppercase                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_rotated_log_file_is_present                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tar_gz_log_file_is_present                                32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_log_txt_file_is_present                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_zip_log_file_is_present                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_email_has_been_sent_to_the_fake_server                    32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_email_has_been_sent_to_the_remote_server                  33m SKIP0m (0.00s)

  test_important_files_changed_in_svn_repo                       33m SKIP0m (0.00s)

  test_attachment_is_present                                     32m PASS0m (0.79s)

  test_changes_with_text                                         33m SKIP0m (0.00s)
  test_test                                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_file_has_.txt_extension                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_file_has_.avi_extension                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_file_has_.mp4_extension                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_propagate_fields_from_parent_ticket_to_sub-tasks          32m PASS0m (0.02s)

  test_grade_is_detected                                         32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_construct_accuracy_from_orm                               32m PASS0m (1.06s)
  test_detect_affected_build                                     32m PASS0m (0.92s)

  test_default_task                                              32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_gem_has_version                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_alert_in_case_fixvesion_changed_by_not_authorized_person  32m PASS0m (1.20s)

  test_affected_version_absent                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_affected_version_provided                                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_make_link_from_jira_to_confluence                         32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_tc_ar_er_case_4                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_ar_er_case_5                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_with_colored_ar_er                                     32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_with_colored_bold_ar_er                                32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_with_ar_er_in_brackets                                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_with_ar_er_in_noformat                                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_ar_er_case_3                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_test_case_header_is_absent                                32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_ar_er_case_6                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_er_on_the_next_line                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_ar_er_case_2                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_with_colored_ar_er_in_brackets                         32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_tc_ar_er_case_1                                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_ensure_that_violators_found                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_grid_label_set_by_ll                                      32m PASS0m (0.90s)
  test_violators_should_consider_already_existing_LL_grid_labels 32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_email_notification                                        32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_sort_of_percents                                          32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_grid_label_found                                          32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_detect_score                                              32m PASS0m (0.90s)
  test_multiple_scores_in_the_same_ticket                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_configuration_properties_merged_successfully              32m PASS0m (1.12s)
  test_cc_got_notification                                       32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_reporter_got_alert_about_his/her_tickets_with_expired_DD  32m PASS0m (0.94s)
  test_html_msg_has_ticket_details                               32m PASS0m (0.81s)
  test_issues_were_fetched                                       32m PASS0m (0.94s)
  test_send_notification_about_bunch_of_tickets                  32m PASS0m (0.81s)

  test_detect_complex_cc_by_predefined_component                 32m PASS0m (1.12s)
  test_all_predefined_cc_are_valid_emails                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_by_component_is_found                                  33m SKIP0m (0.00s)
  test_detect_plain_cc                                           32m PASS0m (1.19s)
  test_predefined_cc_has_valid_emails                            32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_by_key_is_found                                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_attachments_are_present_as_symbol                         32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_nil_is_not_a_numeric                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_text_value_is_not_a_numeric                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_value_has_numeric_value                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_able_to_read_by_key                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_attachment_is_absent                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_attachments_are_present                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_has_jira_defaults                                         32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_split_and_trim                                            32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_to_hash                                                   32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_able_to_read_by_symbol                                    32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_attachment_is_present                                     32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_able_to_write_by_key                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_attachments_is_present_as_array                           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_attachment_is_nil                                         32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_except_keys                                               32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_blank_for_null_value_cases                                32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_attachment_is_blank                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_alert_in_case_assignee_changed_by_not_authorized_person   32m PASS0m (1.31s)

  test_ENV_has_no_key                                            32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_ENV_has_keys                                              32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_ini_file_not_found                                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_ini_file_found                                            32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_link_issue_and_confluence_page_from_comments              33m SKIP0m (0.00s)

  test_url_to_failed_entity_found_in_description                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_url_to_failed_entity_not_present_in_description           32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_wiki_reference_is_present                                 32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_send_lazylead_config_as_a_mail_attachment                 32m PASS0m (0.01s)

  test_cc_has_valid_emails                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_has_valid_email_despite_on_additional_spaces           32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_has_valid_email_despite_on_unexpected_symbols          32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_has_valid_email                                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_behaves_as_array                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_cc_count_is_correct                                       32m PASS0m (0.00s)

  test_environment_absent                                        32m PASS0m (0.00s)
  test_environment_provided                                      32m PASS0m (0.00s)

Finished in 45.93439s
153 tests, 290 assertions, 32m0 failures, 0 errors, 0m33m12 skips0m
Coverage report generated for Unit Tests to /home/r/repo/coverage. 1064 / 1264 LOC (84.18%) covered.
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+ sudo chown -R rultor repo
+ cd repo
+ git push origin master
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